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All of Vain Villain’s products are based on standard European sizes therefore have European size labels. You can find the sizing information for each product at the bottom of each product’s page. These measurements only serve as an indicator to help you find the correct size. You can return any item within fourteen (14) days after receipt if you have selected the wrong size by excising you right of withdrawal. Please review our Return Policy for more information.


At Vain Villain we take great pride in creating products of the highest quality. We are always looking for the best new techniques to manufacture our garments.

At the same time Vain Villain is also committed to producing all it’s garments in an ethical and sustainable manner. Vain Villain aims to produce all of its garments only with natural, organic material, which can be recycled and re-used, only in countries where workers are paid fair wages. By purchasing our products you are supporting our cause to revolutionize one of the worlds most polluting industries.