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About Vain Villain

Vain Villain is an exclusive, high-end clothing & lifestyle brand based in the Netherlands, which was established in January 2018. The brand presents fresh and modern minimalist designs with a synergistic mixture of bold, luxury streetwear. Each of our releases contains exclusive limited edition pieces, for the ones who want to turn heads and stand out in the crowd. Superior quality and craftsmanship are at the center of the brands philosophy. Every garment is produced with unparalleled attention to details, aesthetics, comfort and functionality and is only made with the finest quality materials.

Ethical & Sustainable

Vain Villain is committed to producing all it’s garments in an ethical and sustainable manner. Vain Villain aims to produce all of its garments only with natural, organic material, which can be recycled and re-used, only in countries where workers are paid fair wages. By purchasing our products you are supporting our cause to revolutionize one of the worlds most polluting industries.