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About Vain Villain

Vain Villain is an exclusive, high-end clothing & apparel brand based in the Netherlands, established in January 2018 by graphic designer Denzel Ellis.

The brand is inspired by a synergistic mixture of modern minimalist design philosophies and subtle fragmented hints of the European High Renaissance and Baroque era’s. Every garment is produced with unparalleled attention to all aspects of design, from aesthetics, to comfort, to functionality. Each design is approached with fine details in mind and all garments are only made width the finest quality materials.

At this time the brand exclusive offers a men’s clothing line, but a women’s clothing line is due to launch soon.

Ethical & Sustainable

Vain Villain is committed to producing all it’s garments in an ethical and sustainable manner. Vain Villain aims to produce all of its garments only with natural, organic material, which can be recycled and re-used, only in countries where workers are paid fair wages. By purchasing our products you are supporting our cause to revolutionize one of the worlds most polluting industries.